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1.Iam enjoy Balinese cooking class,,it made me want tolearn more about the traditional cooking style and recipes,,,Staff are very friendly,thank you again Stepenie,Caron Ray,canadian


2.we a learn alot and,and had fun,the food was fenomenal ,and we now want to take a lot more cooking class,as,,we countinue to travel                              Jessicca,faura,Katja,Kathmn,,Mexico

3.Thank you so much,we learned a lot about balinese cooking and we wiill defenetely try the recipes when we go back to scotland,the food was delicius,we couldn,t finish all the food,,anne and Gordy scotland 2009

4.Tank you for lovely cooking class, we are enjoy learn balinese cooking,if iam return to lovina, we will come back to learn some more,,,Tristan and thela,holland

4.Thankyou very much,,i had a great time,,,i wiill try at home..adjani cooking class. want to show you how make traditional balinese cooking, Jack

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